Welcome to Bexson Green Consulting Incorporated (Inc.). Bexson Green Consulting Inc. (BGCI) specializes in Coaching, Counselling & Hypnotherapy, and Educational Workshops. Our overarching goal is to guide you through change and support you with managing your personal and/or professional goals and skills. Services are offered in person or via video/audio contact, and are termed as:

Coaching: confidential and professional services for individuals, small groups, and company/organization employees, with added mentoring.

Counselling & Hypnotherapy: confidential and professional services for individuals, dyads, couples and families, through  BGCI’s private practice: “Light The Way Counselling Hypnotherapy.” 

Educational Workshops: are experiential-based for small and large groups. Workshops focus on diverse themes, including Early Childhood Development, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and Hypnotherapy/Self-Hypnosis. 

Consulting: expert advice and guidance in the areas of team building; goal setting; communication and interpersonal skills; stress/anxiety management; and conflict management and resolution. Consultation is also available for project management, event planning, curriculum development, and creating minimalist (virtual and physical) personal and work spaces.

Please ask about our:

  • ONLINE coaching
  • 30 minute “I Hear You” listening-only coaching sessions.