About BGCI

Bexson Green Consulting Inc. (BGCI) is an incorporated business, founded, owned and operated by Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) Andrew and Janice (Jay) Bexson,  BGCI’s Mission, Vision and Values for BGCI represent the way in which Andrew and Jay conduct their personal and professional lives.

 Mission: to deliver ethical pro-active consultation and educational services to everyone, to enhance realistic self-assurance and professional competencies.

Vision: for everyone to acquire the skills and knowledge they need, in order to be the best that they can be, personally and professionally.


Compassion and Empathy – we identify with, and respect, how others feel and think, and treat our clients with dignity and with acceptance.

Integrity – we are consistent in our values and morals, and are accountable for delivering ethical services.

Diversity – we are open minded, eager to continue learning, and challenge assumptions about people and places, locally and globally.

Trust – we believe in building and sustaining authentic relationships with our clients, and trust them to make the best choices for themselves, just as they trust us to assist them with the process of transition


Synopsis: Collectively, Andrew and Jay are professionally trained Life Coaches, Instructors/Educators, Counsellor & Clinical Hypnotherapist, and holistic wellness practitioners.

Andrew and Jay are skilled in mentoring, instruction, and facilitation, project management and curriculum development. Being trained in Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication and Non-Violent Intervention enhances their skills and knowledge in conflict management and resolution, positive communication and teamwork. They have been employed in the private and non-profit sectors, and in grade school and higher education systems, in front-line, administrative, leadership and management positions.

Throughout their careers, Andrew and Jay have advocated for and guided people with diverse issues in a variety of settings, and their coaching and mentoring skills have enabled these people to reach their goals and overcome a range of issues and fulfil their potential. Andrew and Jay have also mediated conflicts and helped others reach resolution (e.g. mediation resulting in positive outcomes between co-workers or between children and their parents, etc.)  through the application of unbiased and objective approaches based on change, relational and motivational theories.

Originally from the UK, Andrew and Jay now live in British Columbia, Canada.