Coaching is a valuable profession which has rapidly grown in popularity, as it is a way for people to positively influence their lives. Coaching/Coaches skillfully relate to your personal and professional matters, and they help you set present and future goals, create practical results, and make positive life changes. Coaching is relationship-based, so Coaches always put you first – by listening, asking the right questions, and reserving judgment, so that you are in control of what you want from the coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are tailored for you – after all, it’s all about YOU!

working together imageAs Coaches, we help you grow and achieve changes such as: managing anxiety, increasing self-esteem and self-worth, integrating into a new country, dealing with financial concerns, finding strategies for work/life balance, exploration of career and educational goals, seeking solutions to personal or professional conflicts, and managing family life. Additionally, we are assets to any business or organization, as we facilitate workshops on: conflict management and resolution; effective communication; exploring, setting, and achieving goals; giving and receiving feedback; professional ethics; and, assumptions versus facts.

Individual or dyad coaching sessions: conducted in person or via video/audio contact. 

  • 45 minute session  –  $75.00        
  • One hour session  –  $95.00 
  • Sessions can be conducted indoors or outdoors, with privacy at the forefront when considering an appropriate location. Please ask about the 30 minute “I Hear You” listening-only coaching sessions ($40.00).


Group coaching sessions: conducted in person or via video/audio contact.

  • Sessions are facilitated from between one  and up to three hours.


** Sign up and pay in advance for five 60 minute sessions, or 45 minute sessions, and get the sixth session for free!