Consulting Services

BGCI assists you with problem solving, through careful analysis of your issues which leads to the creation and implementation of achievable solutions. Consultation includes active listening, gathering accurate information and facts, using situation-based analysis methods, and devising a course of action that’s best for you, or the company you work with.

Consulting services include expert advice and guidance in the areas of:

  • team building
  • goal setting
  • self motivation – increasing personal or work performance
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • stress and/or anxiety management
  • conflict management and resolution
  • early childhood development (0-7 years)
  • project management 
  • curriculum development
  • event planning
  • Organizing personal and work spaces (virtual and physical area clearing)

Consultation services are provided on either a short-term or long-term basis, as negotiated between clients and BGCI.

Contact BGCI Inc. for a respective consulting proposal.