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After working in the private business sector in the UK focusing on sales, recruitment, law and telecommunications, I immigrated to Canada with a strong business background and a Diploma in Business and Finance. I immersed myself in the private and public school systems, taught English as a foreign language with a TEFL credential and worked in special needs, obtaining a ‘Special Needs Education’ credential. I developed an interest in spirituality and several alternative-healing approaches, including Hypnotherapy. I started my own practice – Light The Way Counselling Hypnotherapy. I like to give back whenever I can, so I volunteered my Clinical Hypnotherapy services at Friends for Life (an organization dedicated to supporting adults with terminal illnesses), and I volunteered as a Family Worker at Canuck Place, a children’s hospice. I found both of these experiences very rewarding and enlightening. I regularly speak at various group settings on a number of topics. I bring a wealth of experience to Bexson Green Consulting Inc. From working with a variety of individuals in my private practice and from continually extending my education, I have a great deal of experience and knowledge to share. I am compassionate with a high regard to everyone I meet. I’m also attentive and patient, with a calm demeanor and a good listening ear. My Instruction is clear and articulate. I very much hope you will join me on a wonderful journey at Bexson Green Consulting Inc. 

Life Coaching I received my professional Life Coach training through Rhodes Wellness College, BC. I coach clients in several areas including: career, relationship and family, couples, mental health and wellness, business, and leadership. My role is to empower and help clients get in touch with their own resources in all areas, in order to realize their respective aspirations.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling I received my Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH) credential through Crossroads Training Institute, and Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) credential through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). I focus on several areas including: stress and anxiety, self-confidence/self-esteem building, phobias & allergies, smoking cessation, fear of public speaking, abuse, anger management, couples counselling and grief & loss.

Spirituality and Wellness Through attending a multitude of workshops and courses, I have explored spirituality and several alternative-healing approaches. I work with a wide range of modalities to support clients, including healing, meditation, psychic awareness, animal communication and tarot. These modalities can be applied individually or collectively in order to suit your needs.

Workshop Facilitation Having received a Clinical Level Instructor credential through Crossroads Training Institute together with several Diploma courses taken through Vancouver Community College, training in Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication), and courses in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, I facilitate and instruct several workshops including: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Animal Communication, Psychic Awareness, Tarot, Healing and Meditation and a number of Customer Service and Client Communication workshops.

Janice (Jay)

Life Coaching I received my professional Life Coach training through Rhodes Wellness College, BC, and I am working towards my International Coach Federation accreditation. I’ve consistently incorporated professional coaching into my career by helping others seek their own solutions. I have a long and enjoyable history of working with diverse people, and I am aware and respectful of cultural, racial, gender, linguistic, social, and economic needs. When I coach, I practice strength-based strategies which are responsive and reflective of individual needs and abilities. I believe that these strategies empower people by increasing their capacity to contribute positively in life and society.

Early Childhood Development and Family Resources I have loved working with children and their parents/caregivers for over 15 years. I began my career as a nursery teacher in the UK, and quickly moved into the social sector field, working with vulnerable families in the UK and Canada. In Canada, I am a member of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC), and I am a licensed Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Infant Toddler Educator (ITE) and I hold a Family Resource Professional (FRP) Certificate.

Customer & Client Service, Communications and Conflict I believe that enhancing communication skills is continuous. I have a Professional Communications Essentials Certificate, and I’ve completed training in Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication), and courses in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Managing Staff Conflict in the Workplace. I volunteered as a Homefront English Tutor (through Vancouver Community College) for 12 years and completed my TESL Certificate, to increase my coaching skills with people who are learning English. I’m currently learning to speak Arabic – very challenging and fun!!

Leadership and Interpersonal I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education (BA AdEd), and I will complete my graduate studies (MA in Public Administration) in 2017. From 2003 to 2013, I was the Project Manager for two innovative initiatives in the non-profit sector. In 2011, the University of the Fraser Valley nominated me as a Leader and Mentor for Supported Learning Groups (SLG) or Supplemental Instruction (SI), and I was awarded “Recognition for Institutional/Community Leadership Award.” Regarding wellness and spirituality, I have two Certificates and a Diploma in Reflexology (Foot, Hand and Ear).

Instruction and  Workshop Facilitation I enjoy facilitating workshops, and I have instructed a variety of adult learning evening classes, through Burnaby School District #41, and through Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre. I’ve tutored ESL and literacy skills for adult learners for over ten years, and with children and their parents/caregivers. In 2006, I had the pleasure of hosting an evening of multicultural singing and dance artists at “The Cultch” (Vancouver East Cultural Centre). It was my very first time as an emcee, but it reminded me of facilitating a workshop for 200 people – very daunting for me at the time, but I learned how to be spontaneously creative when things didn’t go to plan – and taught the audience the “Banana Song!” Thank goodness everyone stood up, sang and danced along with me. I look forward to facilitating or co-facilitating our workshops for you.

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