Kim’s Testimonial

“It was an incredible journey and you are an incredible guide. I thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing your special gifts with me and helping me to navigate to where I am now. The last few months have been absolutely amazing. I very much liked the sound of your voice from the moment I first spoke with you on the phone. You have a wonderfully kind voice and manner that engenders trust and comfort. You’re very intuitive and the time I spent working with you was truly the safest and most allowed I could have imagined being. You allowed me to lead the way when I wanted to and yet, when I needed your help you were there for that as well. You have a very balanced approach. You shared your thoughts and insights in non-judgmental, non-threatening ways, always allowing room for my own truths and realities to come through, never causing your own agenda, ideas or beliefs to get in the way of my journey.
You not only listened, you heard. You interpreted. You understood, and you brought clarity from my jumbled thoughts, all the time maintaining a lightness and humour that I most enjoyed.
On a more personal note, I liken you to one of my guardian angels having reincarnated it’s a nice picture, and I’m SURE one of them has your lovely voice. 🙂 More importantly, your genuine and intense happiness for me when I said I thought I was finished therapy was the absolute nicest gift ever. I wish I could explain it better but I felt so good to have your happiness and support, it was a tremendous relief to me and it added exponentially to my own confidence in my decision and the foundations I have built. Blessings, Kim”