Laura’s Testimonial

“I began seeing Andrew to deal with extreme nervousness and social anxiety related to my upcoming wedding. Prior to trying hypnotism, I had tried several methods, including counseling and group therapy, and saw hypnotism as a last resort¹ and was not sure what to expect. However, I immediately felt at ease with Andrew and, following our first meeting, was thrilled to see he had mapped out a concise and comprehensive roadmap to address various issues that were feeding into my social anxiety. While it was a bit overwhelming at first, I could clearly see the path laid out ahead of me and felt that, finally, a resolution might be in sight. Over the coming weeks and months, we worked through each area systematically and, week after week, I found myself making small improvements and victories. Working with Andrew was well worth the time and effort. Not only did I happily and calmly walk down the aisle on my wedding day without a trace of nervousness, but I was also able to resolve some deep-rooted issues with my family, my upbringing, and my chosen career path. I highly recommend Andrew¹s services and would not hesitate to work with him again.”