Testimonials and Bios

“I began seeing Andrew to deal with extreme nervousness and social anxiety related to my upcoming wedding. Prior to trying hypnotism, I had tried several methods, including counseling and group therapy, and saw hypnotism as a last resort¹ and was not sure what to expect. However, I immediately felt at ease with Andrew and, following our first meeting, was thrilled to see he had mapped out a concise and comprehensive roadmap to address various issues that were feeding into my social anxiety. While it was a bit overwhelming at first, I could clearly see the path laid out ahead of me and felt that, finally, a resolution might be in sight.” Read more …    Laura” 
“Janice (Jay) is a wonderful Life Skills Coach. She is very patient and a great listener and made me feel very comfortable during my sessions with her. She helped me to reflect on the goals that I wanted to achieve for myself, find my inner passion, and offered guidance on the steps I needed to take in order to achieve them. She is knowledgeable in many areas and goes the extra mile to provide encouragement, guidance and support to her clients.”  R.J. 
“It was an incredible journey and you [Andrew] are an incredible guide.  I thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing your special gifts with me and helping me to navigate to where I am now.  The last few months have been absolutely amazing. I very much liked the sound of your voice from the moment I first spoke with you on the phone.  You have a wonderfully kind voice and manner that engenders trust and comfort.  You’re very intuitive and the time I spent working with you was truly the safest and most allowed I could have imagined being.” Read more…  Kim
“It is great to have Janice (Jay) as my Life Coach. She is a very warm, non-judgmental and supportive person, who made me feel comfortable and at the same time emotionally connected to her from the first session onwards. As a Coach, Janice is a very good listener, with a genuine intuition and with immense ability to ask the right questions, so that visualizing problems becomes easy. When Janice started coaching me, I was living with a lot of stress because I was confused and indecisive about making the changes I knew I had to do in my life.” Read more …  Beatriz T.
“After a sports related head injury from 1996, I have learned to deal with the negatives that have come with this incident.  However, one aspect that I have struggled with is severe anxiety attacks during certain life situations.  A family member thought hypnotherapy may help and through a reference I was given Andrew Bexson’s information. I was skeptical; however, after a phone consultation I was willing to ‘give it a shot’.  Almost immediately, I noticed a positive change and by the end of our sessions I had confidence and ambitions that I had not felt in years.  These feelings have not gone away, and I feel a big change in my life had been made. ”  Rye
“Jay has an ability to put her clients at ease with her incredible listening skills. She is attentive and observant. Jay ensures that she knows her skills both in theory and in doing and holds an integral space for her sessions. It was a pleasure to be witness to Jay’s growth throughout the online coaching course.”  Sara Montgomery, RPC-CPCA, Instructor, Rhodes Wellness College

“Thanks, Jay, for your help and encouragement,as always, re: coaching. I really wouldn’t be able to do it without you: You make obvious those things that are staring me in the face; and make palatable the uncomfortable home truths!”  Dee G.